Get Well Soon Basket Box, Small 6.75x4x5", 6 Pack



  • Each Box comes with totally 6 Pack Small Boxes . Each Get Well Soon Basket Box Measures 6.75 (Length) x 4 (Width) x 5 (Height)
  • The perfect spa gift to send to a sick friend, sick mom or yourself. Comes with a Personalized Blanket saying “ Feel Better” to struggle up when feeling ill.
  • This recovery gifts also comes with a Pair of Fuzzy Socks saying “ Be Well, Be Strong”,
    a Diary saying “ Get Better Every Day” and a Personalized Greeting Card saying “ Get Well Soon, Be Strong”.
  • They also make great table centerpieces for parties. Sturdy reusable boxes.
  • Uses approximately 2 ounces of crinkle cut shred when using a bench insert. It also takes 6 Ounces.
  • It Suitable for patients and sick peoples 

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